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Lost voters, lost good candidates for democratic leadership

Stuff might have killed dead one theory about the reason for decay in democratic local government. The theory is that it’s a result of losing too much informed professional journalist coverage of local issues. The theory blames the internet’s destruction of the newspaper business model. Over the past fortnight Stuff has invested in day after […]


Guest post on UK Supreme Court prorogue decision

I was surprised, like most lawyers I suspect, that the UK Supreme Court decision was unanimous.  A few recent days in London soaking up the fevered writings of UK journalists left no doubt that judges steeped in London establishment sentiment would be tempted to consider it God’s work to throw a spanner in Boris Johnson’s spokes […]


Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch attack

I cannot fault the government’s choice of Judge to chair this Commission. Sir William Young has all that we could hope for in a Commission intended to reassure us that the establishment is genuinely trying to learn from a shocking event. He has earned respect from deep experience, broad interests and imagination, humanity, and common […]


NZ’s right to bear arms? Firearms as a Treaty taonga.

When the Treaty was signed, pu and tupara (muskets and double barreled shotguns) were among the most valuable of all taonga under Article 2 (if it really does go beyond the real property interests listed as the New Zealand courts say). Article 2 assured the chiefs and all the ordinary people of New Zealand that […]


What is going on at the FMA? {updated 11 April}

My former firm, Chapman Tripp have reported briefly on what appears to be an open and shut insider trading case. The criminal charges filed against Mark Talbot by the FMA in October 2017 have now been aired in the Auckland High Court, with a guilty plea on one charge. The New Zealand Herald has reported […]


Great Michelle Duff journalism on MOH surrender to witchcraft

Ten years ago I recorded my dismay about the risks to women’s health in New Zealand after maternity services were surrendered to the coven calling itself the College of Midwives. It arose from my time as a lawyer involved in drafting contracts when the financial power was moved from doctors to midwives. The decision was […]


Give us space, light, sun, distant sea and hills – not dismal bush

For bouquets and brickbats, here are the notes for today’s soap-box commentary on Jim Mora’s RNZ Panel I love trees. I’ve planted hundreds – to feed birds and bees. I’ve got over a thousand hectares from which stock has been excluded, regenerating native bush. But tree worshippers need to be called out. A couple of […]


What Our Ex-Mormon PM Should Bring Us From Her Heritage

 This post is an edited contribution from L Prosser who knew our Prime Minister in her Mormon days A little over a year ago, Jacinda Ardern became New Zealand’s first ex-Mormon Prime Minister. She has said she left the church (in her 20s) because of its stance on homosexuality. Whatever one thinks of the Mormon Church’s views on […]


If you don’t follow Michael Reddell, you’re dumb

Using ‘dumb’ in its schoolyard sense – meaning stupid or ignorant. I was asked at lunch today how I came across the things I read to fill the gap that used to be filled by newspapers  and local public affairs radio and TV. At the end of this message I provide some of the links […]


Must be all that toxic masculinity

Nelson College’s advertorial on Stuff is best in class. It is interesting, informative, and it serves the school’s interests. It also illustrates the importance of freedom to advertise. It conveys information that is highly “out of step” with recent elite consensus hostility to gender specific institutions. I doubt that I would have known the information […]