Practice Areas

We will serve your needs in three main areas: company and securities law, commercial, and public law.

Company Law

We’ll let you know what the law expects, and how to make its requirements reasonable. We’ll help directors in conflict, or uncertain of their powers or duties, shareholders feeling let down, entrepreneurs raising funds. We’ve the experience to dissolve deadlocks. Need to force someone to the table? Ask for our tactical analysis. Standard company documentation and practice will usually give you more levers than you expect. Our drafting of constitutions, shareholders agreements, and offers can minimise unpleasant surprises. If it involves a company it’s likely we’ve seen your opportunity or your problem, or something like it.

Commercial Law

Unsure who’ll win an argument over words in a contract? Need a compromise negotiated and recorded in an agreement. Want to take over another business, or make sure they don’t get the better of you. Worried about a bad joint venture, or thinking of a management buy-out? Our interest in such issues is not just because they make good business. We enjoy helping you win.

Public Law

The scope of public law is not widely understood. Public law is the law that governs government. It influences everything that governments do. If it would help you to know what a government agency is doing, or should do, if you want to affect what or how they are doing it – we can help you. Wherever central or local government policy, law reform, or regulation affects applies, public law knowledge may be the key to better results for the people and businesses affected. Our clients will include businesses, Crown and statutory entities, SOEs, and voluntary or charitable organisations. Public law includes Administrative law, Constitutional law, and Legislation. The principals of Franks Ogilvie have between them 60 years of experience in these areas. We know New Zealand constitutional law. We are familiar with both the formal and the informal rules of government decision-making. We maintain connections with the government of the day and with MPs from across the political spectrum.


Public law Company law and corporate forms Negotiation and commercial contracts
Administrative law Accounting issues Asset protection structures
Constitutional Bond issues Board and executive papers
Crown business forms Building societies Business buying, selling
Crown liability Charities (including trust deeds) Contract dispute strategies
Drafting Competition law Contract drafting
Electricity and gas law Cooperatives Deadlock avoidance
Health law Corporate trust issues Devil’s advocate scenarios
Inquiries and reviews Director’s duties Enforcement
Law and regulation drafting Governance Evaluating
Law reform processes Incorporated societies Internal and external communications
Lobbying strategy and advice Management buyouts Joint ventures
Parliament NZX/exchange rules Managing litigation
Privatisation Public offerings Mediation
Regulation of business Restructuring (solvent) Partnerships
Securities regulation Securities Act exemptions Planning
SOEs Share issues Reviews
Statutory interpretation Takeovers Seminars
Submissions to government Takeover protections Strategic thinking
Telecommunications law Trust Deeds
Water law