Welcome to Franks Ogilvie

Franks Ogilvie is a Wellington based specialist public and commercial law firm offering services throughout New Zealand.

The founding principals, Stephen Franks and Rob Ogilvie, are both commercial lawyers with specialist experience at the intersection of commerce and government.

That includes being a parliamentarian, government advisors, a regulator, a law drafter, company directors, an in-house counsel and commercial negotiators. We’ve seen both sides of most legal processes.

Our success depends on our practical business and political experience. We work with clients to untangle commercial and regulatory law problems.

Give Stephen or Rob a call

We’re likely to know who makes the decisions, why, and how politics or the law can compel you or trip you up.

If it takes less than 20 minutes we rarely charge.

There are not many specialist public lawyers. Even fewer have commercial experience. We start and end with commercial interests at heart.

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Level 5
Wakefield House
90 The Terrace
Wellington 6011

PO Box 10388
The Terrace
Wellington 6143

Main: +64 4 815 8050
Fax: +64 4 815 8039
Email: info@franksogilvie.co.nz

Franks Ogilvie is the trading name of Commerical & Public Law Limited.


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